Danish Cigars

by Polly Helva, April 29, 2015


Danish Cigars

Smoke Like a King! – Danish cigar maker, Jan von Vistisen is behind Royal Danish Cigars® 200 year anniversary collection, 4 unique blends made according to old Danish traditions. The King of Denmark™ – Secret Blend, the double ligero Regal Blend – Danish West Indies™, the single estate Single Blend™ Vintage Edition 200 Year Anniversary and the milder Havana Blend®.  The 5″ Torpede, QUEENS 1™ REGAL BLEND – Danish West Indies, comes in an ultra luxury version encrusted with Swarovski crystals and decorated with 24kt gold art. There are not two identical cigars. The production is limited to only 30 cigars per day due to the extensive and time consuming cigar art work done by Jan von Vistisen.  There is also a special designed 24kt gold plated sterling silver royal crown cigar-holder available, probably the most exclusive cigar gift in the world today.  It doesn’t get more luxurious than that.  For more information on Danish Cigars visit the website http://www.danishcigars.com/our-cigars/

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