Voltaire Champagne Bar and Terrace

by Polly Helva, April 29, 2015


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Voltaire Champagne Bar and Terrace

Voltaire is located in London’s Square Mile and is the new haunt for champagne drinkers and cigar lovers.  Voltaire is built on the foundations of Bridewell Palace, the venue’s interior is inspired by its regal history and the inherited architecture. The grade II listed building features old stone vaults that kept prisoners under lock and key, and later housed the treasures of a Bank that was built in its place. Fast-forward to the present day and the vaults have been transformed into luxury private VIP zones complete with personal waiter and available to reserve.  Serving an innovative selection of cocktails, wines and spirits, the service is vibrant, lead by a team who are truly ‘in the know’. The bar’s exclusive collection of champagne and cigars are setting a new precedence for London’s social scene.  Voltaire is conquering the ordinary with an extraordinary venue, are you ready to be seduced GC club members?  Take a look at their website at http://voltairebar.com/index

Visit the website to view more lifestyle experiences at www.gc-club.org

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