The culture of luxury

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GC is an exclusive members-only club, providing lifestyle experiences catering for our members’ distinct sense of culture and luxury.

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GC Club members represent the elite from all walks of life seeking to push the boundaries of their current lifestyles.They are the leaders in their respective fields of business and professionalism.
As a member you will have access to all of the following resources.

  • 250 private members clubs across the world including Brocket Hall and the Dubai Capital Club
  • VIP access to exclusive nightclubs such as the Drury Club
  • Invitations to our monthly social events taking place at some of the world’s most luxurious locations
  • A cutting edge lifestyle management service catering for your various social and business needs

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You want the best out of life, are very hands on and like to get stuck into things yourself. Gold membership suites you as it puts the controls right in your hands for you to dictate how things should go. With a direct line to your Lifestyle Manager from 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday your needs are more than covered. Outside of those hours our Helpdesk is on hand to make sure you have a seamless membership service. See the Gold membership summary here for the complete list of services covered by Gold membership.


You have so much to do with so little time so it’s key that you maximise it all. Platinum makes that happen by ensuring you have a pair of dedicated Lifestyle Managers on 24×7 shifts, ensuring a heightened level of service alongside a further need for privacy.


As a jet setter with the world as your oyster, time is your most valuable currency so you maximise every second. So having two Personal Assistants working on a shift pattern dedicated to you as part of your membership is a definite plus. They will be with you for as much time as is needed to ensure that all of your lifestyle requirements are met.

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GC Club works with a variety of lifestyle and luxury brands. From business to pleasure, recreation to relaxation, GC Club exists to ensure that its members get the most out of life in the most luxurious surroundings possible.

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A few of our partner organisations are shown below.

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Telephone: +44 (0)20 7411 9059




GC Club

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United Kingdom

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